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Home Concrete Replacement
Concrete Replacement
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Our skilled block masons are also highly skilled concrete finishers. From driveway concrete removal and replacement to new installations and flatwork, you will find our pricing competitive and our quality second to none. All driveway and flatwork installations include a stone base and reinforcing wire mesh, as per city codes. All debris is hauled away and the site is cleaned up once the project is completed. EBR will be happy to discuss your project of 100 square feet or larger.

We can also seal your concrete surface with a high quality sealer which penetrates the surface, adds additional psi strength to the concrete and waterproofs the surface...prolonging its life. See for more information. 

EBR now can totally remove and replace your old broken, cracked, leaking and heaved or sunken concrete basement floor! All appliances are either removed or suspended while demolition is in progress.

All concrete and floor material is removed, an interior perimeter subfloor drainage system is installed and a new 3 1/2" thick smooth troweled floor is poured in place. This repair is competitive in price with an overlay pebblestone finish! Why cover over an ongoing  problem when you can start over with a new floor with a drainage system !!!


Fortress Stabilization Systems
Concrete and Structural Repair & Reinforcement Systems

Pool Stabilization Project

Pool Stabilization Project
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Luxury Home Stabilization Project

Basement Wall Stabilization Project
New Basement Wall Stabilization Project
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Basement Wall Replacement Project

Basement Wall Replacement Project
New Basement Wall Replacement Project
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