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Steel Shaft vs Carbon Fiber Shaft


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Home Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair
Basement Foundation Inspection Print E-mail

EBR can provide a thorough site, basement, and foundation inspection to help identify and explain problems with your basement or foundation. After our inspection we will answer your questions and suggest a plan of repair. On ocassion additional expert advice is required. We at EBR will recommend only those professionals with whom we have experience and who will in turn provide the best possible evaluation and advice.

Concrete Underpinning Print E-mail
Concrete underpinning is a method of using concrete to support a foundation. This method is used sparingly and in special applications where deeper soil strength parameters are not a concern. A section of the foundation is undermined and concrete is poured in place.
Foundation Stabilization Print E-mail
When you've noticed cracking in your exterior walls, doors and windows begin to stick or will not close properly you are experiencing foundation settlement. This problem frequently occurs in areas that are composed of highly expansive clay soils or contain deep veins of soil high in organics such as peat moss. As the soils dry out they shrink. When the soils become saturated with water they swell and heave. Any structure resting on this base will almost always remain unstable. Water tables also may rise or fall with the weather or an increase in new building construction in the area, thus creating a change in the soil moisture content.
Helical Piers Print E-mail

MacLean-Dixie helical piers are generally used for lifting or stabilizing a foundation settlement problem. Helical piers are also utilized for new construction applications where soil conditions are understood to be poor as a preventative method of avoiding foundation settlement.

Helical Wall Anchors (Tie Backs) Print E-mail
Helical wall anchor advantages:
  • Best for holding back solid concrete walls
  • Also used for:
    • stabilizing masonry concrete walls
    • stabilizing concrete retaining walls
  • Most jobs are completed in one or two days.

Fortress Stabilization Systems
Concrete and Structural Repair & Reinforcement Systems

Pool Stabilization Project

Pool Stabilization Project
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Luxury Home Stabilization Project

Basement Wall Stabilization Project
New Basement Wall Stabilization Project
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Basement Wall Replacement Project

Basement Wall Replacement Project
New Basement Wall Replacement Project
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