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EBR always uses highly experienced masons in all foundation rebuilding projects. Most of our people have more than 20 years experience.

When a foundation wall is too badly damaged to be repaired properly or repair and stabilization is no longer an option, EBR can rebuild your failed wall and tie it into the existing walls. Rebuildable walls include walls constructed of cinder block, cement block, clay tile and stone.

To begin the repair process EBR will survey the damage and suggest a repair plan. The repair plan will often include correcting the problem that has caused the failure. Once everyone is in agreement, the proper permits are obtained (when required) the Work is scheduled. Work begins and the basement structure is temporarily stabilized along the failed wall with adjustable jackposts. The wall is removed down to the footing. The outside area is then excavated and all dirt and block rubble is loaded and hauled away. A new cement block wall of the proper dimension is installed as per city code and tied into the existing wall. EBR always adds 1/2” grade 60 rebar in the open cells and grouts them solidly in place for additional strength. The spacing of the rebar will vary according to the dimensions of the new block, wall height, and height of the backfill. When the rebuild is completed, the outside wall receives a cement parge coating and then a thick tar sealer. Schedule #35 drain tile is then installed with cleanouts and tied into the existing system. The entire outside trench is backfilled with schedule #57 limestone and then capped with 18” of dirt. The remaining dirt is hauled away and the site is cleaned up.the adjustable jacks are carefully removed and the rebuild is complete. Expect to pay $250-$325 per foot.

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Rebuilt Wall Tied In
Basement Wall Rebuild
Rebuilt Wall
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